How to copy multiple controls?

I’m redesigning a complex container by making a new one and copying controls over. But how do I select multiple controls so that I can copy them?

I do a mouse click, then drag to a rectangle selection to get all the controls I want. But this selects the controls for editing and not for copying.

Okay, then perhaps selecting in the navigator works better: I select one control and it gets a blue background. I shift click to select another control and they both get a grey background. This is editing mode again.

What am I missing? I have 17 controls on the container that need to be moved to another container. But I got a couple more containers that need to be redesigned.

macos 10.13. Xojo 2018r3.

In the navigator keep Shift pressed and click again on one of the selected controls and they are turning blue again.

Sigh, thanks. That works for the second selection method when doing the selection in the navigator. This - of course - screws up the selection when doing a drag selection. It’s better than selecting the controls one by one.

There’s also a workaround for a drag selection:
Drag your rectangle and select your controls.
Select one control more which you initially don’t want to select.
Press “Strg” (“Ctrl”) and click in the navigator on the selected control which you initially don’t want to select.
All other controls are getting blue (selected).

Although the controls are selected for editing (grey in navigator), copy/paste works fine.

p.s. Use the command key if you wants to select controls randomly.

In the Navigator, there are two selection modes: one in dark (black ?) and one in Blue (the default selection color, color can vary if user changed it).

@Emile Schwarz: have you tried to select multiple controls? You get only grey and you need the blue.

@Paul Sondervan: nope, doesn’t work. Paste doesn’t do anything.

Copy and paste of multiple controls doesn’t work. It’s beyond slow. I can’t really only select the controls I want and so get too many controls on paste. The controls changed page panels.

Okay, I tried again - carefully. Selected the controls one by one. Deselected the controls I didn’t want. Did a Cmd-click on a control and again on the same control. Got the blue selection. Now copy-and-paste worked.

Why does this have to be so complicated and slow?

Selecting an entry in the Navigator allows to add or change code.
To Copy the whole code for the entry: click a second time to get the OS selection color. You will get the whole code (including Sub … End Sub).

Also, not sure, but to delete something in the navigator, you have to select that something (with the OS selection color).

And, yes, this may be qualified to complex. Unfortunately not everything can be easy (to do, to understand, me :wink: ).