how to convert realstudio to xojo

Hello everybody

I’ have my project realstudio then I want to convert my project to Xojo

I need to do?

Load it using Xojo and watch what happens: the warning you gets at launch time and at compile time.

Come back here if more help is needed.

then Suppose I’m compile project on window os **this Build Settings I’m Check Linux for run my project on linux
but I can not run on linux error is :

“Could not display “MyApplication”. " " There is no application installed for “executable” files.
Do you want to search for an application to open this file?”

how to thank you

You may start trying to run the project in the IDE to know it works correctly. Then compile it and run it.

Nota: I am not a Linux power user (more than a low user in Linux).

I never got this answer while I wanted to run an application of mine.

What Linux flavour do you run ?

simple change permission for executable file …

Max is right - the issue is one of permissions on the actual executable file in the Linux build. Windows doesn’t have a concept of “executable” from a Unix point of view.

Once you copy the file to the Linux system, simple set the executable bit with:

chmod +x /path/to/MyApplication