How to convert a date and time string into a date object with time?

Hello all,

I have a date field and a time field. The date is structured as 01/01/2016. The time field is structured as 10:53:32 PM
What is the best method to convert these to a Date object?

If I use this code, I only get the date:
Dim Converted As Boolean = ParseDate(lstImportData.Cell(i, 2),d)

Thanks for the help.

convert the two strings to a format compatible with SQLDATE parameter of the DATE object


See if this helps. I have a user defined SQLDateTime and then I pass it to a new date object. I made it easy to follow so you can see how to pass just one SQLDateTime string into a date object like Dave was referring to above.


I just changed this example to match your exact flow Time. I had it reversed before :slight_smile:

Thank you both!
I had a feeling that I had to do some “programming”, but with all of the changes from RS to Xojo that I am not familiar with, I thought I would ask (following review of the docs of course) before spending time to re-write what may already exist.

Again, thank you both for your replies!