How to connect xojo to woomommerce?

My company is using Wordpress + woocommerce, I am thinking to use xojo to make a CRM system, I don’t know if it is possible to connect xojo with woocommerce? do I have to learn PHP to do that?

I’m not familiar with WooCommerce but if they have a REST API, you ought to be able to use an HTTPSocket to communicate with it.

We have written applications which interact with WordPress via XMLRPC. We also had to authenticate a product;'s license validity per the Woo commerce subscription service.

Woo is tightly coupled with WordPress, but many of the WordPress plugins, (none that we have used) have a robust API and are not accessible from the standard WordPress API tools like xmlrpc. Like many WordPress plugins, Woo uses the existing WordPress data tables as well as adding tables of it’s own.

We ended up creating a a restful service in PHP to allow us to read the specific subscription information we needed to vet licensed copies.

Even if you can or could build a plugin to bridge Woo calls through xmlrpc interacting through your own service is potentially a lot simpler. Even though it is non-standard for WordPress the restful service avoided a lot of headaches with vendor security. Many providers block xmlrpc access at various levels. (We had to write a WordPress Plugin to get around these issues too.)

If you don’t use your own service plan to use cURL and a lot of ugly xml to manipulate WordPress. It can be done, but it isn’t pretty…

For Wp there is some plugins that give you access to full wordpress database tables.
Is the most easy way to manipulate the data from the database itself…
here is a small example.
Access Database Outside Of WordPress

And this
Class Reference/wpdb