How to configure linux server for multiple web apps?

Hello all,

My first web app is up and running on a Ubuntu Linux server box. While it likely will not remain on one of our servers since a hosted environment is inherently better for pretty much everything, while we work through everything we wanted to keep it close.

We have another web app that needs to run on the same server. I uploaded the relevant files, but when the url for the new app is used, the existing is launched instead. Looking further it seems that the config.cfg file is actually the director in this regard. So it appears that a completely different folder is necessary to place each app in. Currently they are both in the folder ‘/usr/lib/cgi-bin’

Can anyone tell me the correct way to configure the server? I am using Apache.

Thank you,

Your apps must have different Application Identifiers, run on different ports and be in their own subfolder in the cgi-bin directory.
That way they should work fine :slight_smile:

I prefer to use stand-alone apps for their simplicity to deploy.

Thanks Albin,
The ID is different, the port is set to auto, but I do not have them in separate folders. Will try that., Does the apache config need to be changed so that it looks in the various folders, or something else?

These are not stand alone however. I found early on that when stand alone, if they crash or stop, they wont restart. Maybe I had something mis-configured, or maybe it was an early problem that has been corrected already…

Thanks again

Do some research in the apache docs about Virtual Hosts. That will get you on the right track.

Thanks Greg - I most certainly will.
I did get it going using Albins suggestions, but it is a bit crusty. Thanks for the direction!