How to clean a PopUpMenu again?

Folks, Once used, how can I clean the PopMenu to the “blank” status again?


Do you know how make a popupmenu accept a TAB STOP and automatically open?

New questions should be in their own thread so that people with the same question can find the solution easily without going through seemingly unrelated threads.

Questions regarding things in the manual should be held off until you read the manual.

Tim, I totally agree with your statement; however, in this day of all digital documentation reading the manual, to me at least, is not nearly as easy as back in the day of printed BOOKS. Back then every couple years I would get the latest version of the RealBasic manuals and actually read through them. Since they disappeared I have not completely read through any of the digital documents. A book I can take any place, with or without a digital device on hand. Of course I am one of the most elderly users of Xojo and maybe , no probably, the newest generation feels totally the opposite, never having had a printed manual to lounge around with, reading from cover to cover. :wink: :wink:

Its easier for me to ask Google to search the Xojo docs than to attempt to read the Xojo docs.
Sometimes Im amazed where a piece of information is.

Some other docs are downright impenetrable even with Google, and ‘examples’. (If they were assembled in a book, the book would be a handy doorstop.)
Remember Matt Neuburgs book for RealBasic? That was a real help for a newbie when I started this…

I will agree, with the disappearance of the pdf version of the manual, it’s harder to “read it” cover to cover. But so many of the fundamentals get missed when you start a serious project in Xojo without actually knowing what you’re doing.

It is fairly easy to navigate the LR when one knows the control it is about. I particularly like the synthetic presentation of all events, properties and methods on one page, that one can click to discover an aspect.

It is still sold on Amazon :

I printed REALbsic v1 manuals and used it intensively / making pen changes when needed, add stuff, etc.

It is a long time since I’ve done that…

In the current documentation (as the Navigator), using the keyboard is nearly impossible. One have to press a certain and unknow / undefined number of times the Tab key to get the Focus where you need it.

In the IDE, sometimes the Navigator contents is lost because I pasted code in the wrong place. I recently saw a MenuHandler (code) named i. I let you guess how many times it tooks to know what its name was, once. Etc.

Honestly ? I do not know how the other Xojo users can … use it ! (they may never use the keyboard ? DO EVERYTHING WITH THE MOUSE… ?)

when I first got Realbasic 18 years ago, I put the Realbasic manuals on the toilet book holder and read a few pages each time I came there. This way I read all manuals in the first year and knew all the functions.

If you find yourself suffering because your mouse efficiency is low turn up your mouse movement speed (sensitivity)

Mine is set so that I can get from one side of my screen to the other with the flick of my wrist, and I have no problems with the amount of mouse usage in the IDE.


Nice for you.

We can add Notes, Constants, Methods, etc. with the Keyboard, but some other basic things, we can’t (like cmd-left arrow in the Language Reference tha does not works…)

OK. If nobody cares…