How to check whether menubar is open or closed

The problem at hand is the menubar keeps rebuilding when other events occur in the application. These refreshes need to occur since menu items in the menubar need to match the changes taking place.

However, I do not want the menu to rebuild when it is opened by the user since many menu rebuilds that occur in a short space of time cause the menu to flash. From what I can tell, there are no event handlers triggered when a menu item such as ‘File’ gains/loses focus.

When the user interacts with the menubar I would like to block the menu from rebuilding (updating) until the user clicks off the menubar.


Instead of rebuilding as the app changes, why not do it once when the user clicks to have it reflect the current state?

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Thanks Greg!
Sounds like a good idea since the user won’t be clicking when navigating the menubar so it should remain unchanged while it’s open.