How to check network status in iOS?

Hello ,
I want to check internet connection status in iOS .
I did searching for it and I got answer as to use Reachability.m and Reachability.h.
Can anyone tell me how to implement this in Xojo?
Also is there any other way to check internet connection status?
Thanks in advance.

Please take a look at iOSKit. I have a reachability class implemented which does exactly what you are looking for.

You could not check at all an try what you want to do.
Than handle errors right.

Thanks Jason,we are looking for the same .

Jason’s class is very useful, especially the reachability class.

The Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket class on iOS has no Timeout property, which means that if you are waiting to receive and answer from the socket to display something, the user can be waiting for ages.

If your app has a login / signup screen, I recommend using the reachability class before sending any HTTPSocket requests, instead of loosing potential users that don’t understand why it’s taking so long to signup.