How to change the height of a container?

In iPad application, I have a container with ios table and text field controls in it. So when the focus gets in the text field I have to display the iostable and when entering the values in text field the table list should get updated. So when I do this table is displayed but I’m not able to select or click on the list or rather i would say that when i click on list the the list should be closed and selected row content should be filled in text field but it is not happening, also when i try to change the height of the container dynamically, it is not happening. Can please someone suggest what can be done?

Changing the height of a container must be done using Auto-Layout.

Give a name to the Auto-Layout property.
Then update the size using

me.constraint("layout_name").offset = newValue

Thanks Jeremie :slight_smile:

What about changing instances of controls within a container how would that differ?

If I try the following it comes back with the following error
"vFlexGrid.ScrollableArea1.Open, line 8
Type “JLY_FlexGrid” has no member named “constraint”

Dim c As new ccSimple
c.Name = “SSHeading”
me.constraint(“SSHeading”).offset = 200