How to change Mouse Pointer when mouseover weblistbox?

I have a weblistbox in a web app, and I want to change the browser’s mouse pointer to a Finger pointer whenever the mouse is over the listbox.

Have tried setting the weblistbox’s Cursor Type to Finger and also tried coding the listbox’s MouseEnter event, etc…

But the pointer fails to change - always remains as Standard Pointer?? Any ideas??
Cursor Type works for all other objects! Just seems not to work with weblistbox.

Slightly belated reply but I have just come across this issue in 2014r3.1 and find that changing it in the IDE does not work, nor does changing it in the open event, but changing it in the shown or MouseEnter event works for me.

You should use CSS for this, it would be so much better than using an event on the web.
Here’s a reference to the CSS property:

If you need help with using custom CSS in a web app:

It is probably a bug. In other webcontrols it works just fine.