How To Change Font Size on Button Controls in Web Application

*Linux Mint Install
*Creating a Web Application

Hello XOJO Community:

This is day one for me, so be gentle. I worked through the entire presentation and everything worked. However, I was not able to change the font size on my button controls. The text on the button controls are very large and only show parts of the first three letters in the labels. I am using Linux Mint for my platform and I have the latest Xojo distribution. (Not 3.0)

My fonts are very big and I do not see a way to change the font size in the Properties. I do a little web work, and I think I need to alter the style sheets, but I do not know how to do this in Xojo, if that is the answer.

Thanks for your help in advance Xojo community - I’m really excited to join the Xojo party!

Create a Style object and apply it to the button

As Greg says, things like colors, fonts, spacing/padding, borders, backgrounds,and more are set by creating a style (like a CSS style in HTML).

Add a new Web Style to your app
Add the Properties that you want to affect
Apply that style to your control in the control’s property inspector

I wish that we had something like this for Desktop apps. There we have to create new subclassed controls and the settings we apply to one control can’t be easily applied to other, different types of controls (i.e.: PushButton to Label).

It does not seem terribly difficult to do for a type of control. Cycle through the window, and if the correct type, apply the “style”. It simply would require creation of a styling method.

You could do that using Attributes and Introspection as well.

how to do that??

But wouldn’t that still require a per-control type method?