How to call a method in parent window

Hi all,

I’m probably missing something really basic here but I have a class (with no super) which will be used in several different apps. I’d like the class to be able to update the position of the app’s progress bar but the progress bar in each app is named or works differently. Hence I’d like to create an EventDefinition for the class but is this possible? I don’t see how to create an EventHandler in the instantiated class. My class is currently a property in the app’s main window.

What’s the cleanest way to do this?



Hi Mark,

You need to click the + button (top left of the editor section) and select “Event Definition”, give it a name and in your case probably an integer parameter. You can then “handle” that event in the parent as/if required. You can use the RaiseEvent method to ensure the event is raised from your class.