How to calc text-lenghts of WebLabels with non-propertional fonts

Hi Guys, maybe somebody could help me on this question: How to calc text lenghts of WebLabels with non-propertional fonts.

The Problem:

For my internal Issue- und Tracking System I am working on a JIRA-like WebControl for Displaying “IN REVIEW” Tags and Labels.
It basically works and looks like this:

But, my problem now is, that long tags like “this is a long labelname” do not scale proportional in their widths. Of course they can’t because I am using a non-proprotional font calculating the widths with fixed values. This is how I do this:

Is there any way or solution to calculate text width in WebLabels? Something like Graphics.StringWidth?

Mmm there is a AutoSize feature request for Controls since 2008 (still from FoxBugz!)

RubberViewsWE now offers precisely the function you need in version 1.15 :
getTextWidth I just added lets you get the width of a text from a label.

Just use the download instructions you got upon purchase to download the latest version from the site.

Hey this sounds good Michel!

Just tried to download from your server using
and my transaction/ email but recieving older version from July… I am misssing something?

The file on the site is dated 2015/11/26. I just reuploaded to make sure.

Ah thank you very much… I think it was my fault because I’ve had two Transaction ID… checking your Code right now! Thank you very much!