how to build an app with only one language ?

Hi folks,

I use a lot of modules, external modules for most of them, and they have dynamic constants in 3 languages english,french and german.
when I build the app, it has all the languages in the app, and the user’s system chooses at runtime - fine.

but now I want to build an english only app, I choose english in the shared build settings.
but I still get all the languages in the build app! where did I miss something ?


Build copy and delete the language files from resources folder.

that doesn’t say ONLY build using this language
that sets what language will be used as the last fallback if the user has none of the other languages match
see Picking A Language At Runtime – Xojo Programming Blog
How OS X Chooses a Language – Xojo Programming Blog

you can

  1. turn off all dynamic constants and the IDE will then use only the constant values that match the build language
  2. build as normal and delete all other languages but english (this is simplest)

can I make a feature request, or is it useless as it will never be implemented …?

You can make a feature request always.

Or App Wrapper as it can be used to strip languages when code signing your application.