How to add typewriter sounds for keypress

Hi all,

I’m very new to XOJO, working in a Windows-only desktop environment. My apologies if my question is too newbie for some.

I’d like to add typewriter sounds (key strike and carriage return slide-and-bell sounds) when the user is typing in an application. Has anyone done anything like this? Is it as simple as playing a .wav file for each key press, or does that execute too slowly when the user is typing?

And, if a .wav file is used, is it compiled into the .exe file or is it distributed separately?


Check out the keydown event on controls - depending on what one you are intending to use

You can preload the sounds so they are in memory before the first keystroke ( see )

I’d keep the sounds VERY short

Welcome to XOJO Andrew,
I’m presuming you are going to start with the key presses making typewriter sounds in your own application, and not system wide at this stage.

It looks like you could get all the wav sound files you’ll need here: