How to add container control

Hi all, I’m probably missing something simple. But…

I have a container that I drug into my project from an example. I renamed it “StatusBarControl”. So it’s in my project, my project builds just fine.

But for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to add this container control to my main window. I’ve tried dragging from the library, I’ve tried dragging from the project on the left into the controls on the window.

It never seems to add the control. So what am I doing wrong?

Dragging from the library is the normal way. You can double click it in the library and it will add to the Window and you can resize it afterwards.

Ok it appears the control I drug over was from API1 and didn’t want to work in API2. I recreated it and it seems to be able to be added.

Thanks for the reply

Ah, good catch.