How to add a ContainerControl to a window ?

I take some times to look at a ContainerControl.

After reading the documentation (both Local and dosc): ContainerControl, I do not understand how to put it on the window (Window1).

And I do not say that it was not clear that this Control have its own entry in the Navigation pane :frowning:

Even the code (ContainerControl1.EmbedWithin( Self, 50, 100 )) shared in the docs does not works: nothing appears on my window.

What did I miss ?
(beside a non existent explanation in the docs)…

In the IDE at development time:
Drag ContainerControl1 within the navigator onto Window1.

In code at runtime in a window (you need to create the instance yourself):

Dim cc As New ContainerControl1() cc.EmbedWithin(Self, 50, 100)

Thanks Eli !