How to activate (load) a html file drop in HTMLViewer

I folowed the documentation and placed in HTMLViwer1.Open the code:

Sub Open() Handles Open
  Me.AcceptFileDrop(FT_Text.Html) // Was: ("text/html")
End Sub

But I do not found any DropObject Event to place code to open the dropped file.

How can this be done on macOS ?

I put a canvas on the HTMLViewer in the IDE and I use the canvas to handle drop object. I have the same code on Opening canvas method and I use DropObject canvas to method to open the dropped file in the HTMLViewer


Or simply use the window’s .DropObject Event (with a check for X,Y be inside the HTMLViewer since I have other objects in the window).

I will use the Canvas trick (the drop is eaten by the HTMLViever…

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