How to access json data from server

Here I implemented webservice(REST referred Luna xojo ) for receiving data which is run on another machine . And I called that service through my application. That is fine.Pointer is switched to web service. Web service executes query and sends result.But here issue is that data is not received at my side i.e pagereceived evevt of HTTPSOCKET didnt get called. This works fine on Mac machine but not on windows.
Please help me

Are you using the synchronous or asynchronous form of the call? On Windows, at least, if you use synchronous, you get no events at all.

Here I created Task(Thread) and
then call to the web service in the run method of the Task thread i.e HTTPSocket.send method.

Rsocket.ClearRequestHeaders dim sendMethod as Text= "GET" Rsocket.SetRequestContent(data, "application/x-www-form-urlencoded") app.Rsocket.Send(sendMethod,URLforSend.ToText )
Rsocket is a property of class RESTSocket i.e subclass of Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket.
In RESTSocket class we implemented our Json logic in pagereceived event.
On mac it works fine,but on windows pagereceived event of HTTPSocket does not raised
I thought it was asynchronous call to web service.

Probably related to this bug: <>: Events do not fire in on Windows when used from a Thread

Is there any alternate wat to call REST web service in windows.I need to call that service in my application and performs some action on that data .

Use the HTTPSocket class from the classic framework.

Thank you. it also works fine on windows