How Should I Learn Bootstrap 5?

With the upcoming support changes for bootstrap to version 5, I would like to get back to more bootstrap and less customized controls. I know for me that it is going to require some massive changes. I accept that part. The problem I am having is that I would like to know more about what I need to know about bootstrap so that I can create my own theme outside of Xojo and then import it into Xojo. Ive been searching for the appropriate tutorials and information for days now but I am not sure what is relevant for using bootstrap with Xojo since the IDE just has you import a bootstrap.min.css file. Most tutorials don’t even cover how to export the bootstrap them as a .min.css file. At this point I am completely lost and aggravated. I would like to start using the IDE in the way it as intended but I can not just use the default style. I have to highly customize. Please can anyone help direct me. Thank you

Maybe search for
Create Bootstrap free
and test a few creation sites and download the bootstrap css that those sites create with your changes.

Also download free bootstrap themes and analyse the css.

About the bootstrap.min.css file, removing comments, whitespaces and line endings from a .css file will be enough for creating a minified version of your theme. Even if you rename the original .css to .min.css, without minifying it, will work.

There are online and offline tools for minifying you CSS file automatically.

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