How safe are Git Repos

Another conversation about safety got me thinking about sources stored in remote host site, like Bitbucket.

I have some PHP sources stored in repos that update my date bases with application use statistics.
As the PHP add records to the mySQL DB it necessary to have my userid stuff in the source.

Just how safe are private sources? Any thought?

You definitely don’t want to put access credentials out in the cloud. There have been multiple instances of security failures in various services that have allowed passwords into the wild.

I’d keep the important stuff somewhere else. I think I’ve read an article or two that discuss various options for this. You might want to google a bit and see what other opinions you can find.


Have removed then.

If you need a company secure Git… You can use Maverick’s Xcode server to do that. It works very nice.

We all get so accustomed to the cloud that we forget the good old methods : save all your precious data onto a removable disk, place your passwords into an encrypted document on that drive, and put the disk into a safe deposit box at the bank. Bank robbers are a lot less frequent than hackers. And most of them could not care less about data :wink:

Thanks Michel.

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Michael wasn’t so luck like me, with my beautiful nose, enchanting eyes and perfect red hair. As for web and security, I feel very insecure these days. Few days ago I’ve signed a service that started to send me newsletters. In MANY links in the contents, believe me, I could find things like this What!? Changed my password to something even more weird and canceled the service. :frowning:

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[quote=91267:@Jim Smith]No! In my working days I did comment men and women on their clothing. Of course that when you could tell the difference.


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