How many Scientists are on here?

Seems quite a few.

I’m a Molecular Biologist.

What’s your field?

Used to be a biochemist. But it is a long long while since I set foot in a lab.

If you count research on economics as science, I’m in :slight_smile:

Political joke: “I’m not a scientist, but…”

Diploma in theoretical physics :slight_smile: A long long time ago.

I teach quantum chemistry and molecular biology at Univ. of Connecticut.
I wrote MathScriptor and other scientific programs using Xojo because it is the best cross-platform tool I know of.
I am happy to provide a license to anyone on the forum for free.

Let me add that anyone writing scientific code will benefit from the wonderful tools
written by Bob Delaney using Xojo.

I’m a chemist

I’m a mad scientist, does that count?


My degree is in Computer Science. That’s a scientist, right?

I feel so inadequate :frowning:
I’m only a very successful computer systems analyst for a major healthcare computer who had to teach himself everything he knows about the industry… No “doctrate”, “masters” or degree of any kind here…

So I guess Jim and I are in the same “class” :slight_smile:

But Jim is mad, I hope you are not (although maybe you have to be to work on the healthcare industry - with all those regulations to follow).

Biologist, Chemist, Engineer, Business (Business does not really seem to be a science) :slight_smile:

+1 as electronics engineer…

“Engineers are the Umpa Lumpas of Science” :wink:

[quote=183173:@Markus Winter]“Engineers are the Umpa Lumpas of Science” :wink:


But they make the money!!!

  • Karen

Computer Science is definitely a science. +1 for Computer Scientist for me too.

[quote=183199:@Karen Atkocius]But they make the money!!!

Yeah, and don’t get it!

  • Karen[/quote]

I got my PhD in Software Engineering – so, its sort of a science – depends on what you research and how you do it.

– and am dreaming about the ultimate dev tool (“Computer, please generate a WebApp that helps us manage and visualize all our research data”).

Basic biomedical research (cellular and molecular immunology, signal transduction).