How many plugins can be loaded into xojo?

How many plugins can be loaded into xojo?

Realize buying omegabundle 2014 which brings many plugins for xojo as Einhugur, ChartDirector, etc but I have since discovered that problems can not load all plugins I need.

Does any limit of plugins that can be read.?

I have a core I7 computer with 6 gb ram memory

Lots more than are in the bundle - however I would suggest ONLY loading the few you need

Please do me a favour & install debug view
Start DebugView
Then start the IDE with JUST the mysqlcommunityserver plugin
Debug view should logs some messages if it cannot load the plugin

Working with one trouble some plugin to figure out WHY the IDE wont load it is a lot more useful than posting similar questions over & over
There’s a reason the IDE isn’t loading it but from here I cant see what or why

Do you use Mac or Win or Linux?

On Mac we have no trouble, even with 100 plugins.

But on Windows there are limits on how many DLLs can be loaded. At some point you hit into a limit.
With installing all MBS and all Einhugur plugins you can hit the limit and the last plugins in list will fail to load as you’ll see in DebugView.

I had this problem today.

Doing beta of OSX 10.10.3 and my last plug Valentina did not load. On 10.10.2 it did.

I just took out one plug, and valetina loaded again. And I could do the test with any plugin, as long as I took one out, my last plugin valentina loaded. When having all, it did not.

So, why does this happen only on the mac that is running 10.10.3 (beta, I’m a developer), and not on my other two macs, which are 10.10.2

I find it really strange.

BTW: my 10.10.3 is a macbook pro with 2.7 i7 and 16GB RAM

Thats a good question
We have a few reports of issues that ONLY occur on 10.10.3 and not earlier versions