How many plugins allowed?

I have recently acquired a Windows 10 machine and have installed Xojo 2017R3 in 64 bit. I am primarily a Mac developer so this is new for me.

I loaded a large app of mine into the Windows Xojo IDE and attempted to compile. It failed for a number of reasons and I have established that a number of plugins (from Einhuger) have not been loaded into the IDE and, therefore, the compilation is failing.

I have read in the forums about a limit of plugins that has never affected me in my Mac environment and I have been unable to find the threads here. So, I have a couple of questions from the Windows users.

  1. How many plugins can be situated in the Plugins folder under Xojo for the Windows version?
  2. How do you manage the plugins for your apps?
  3. How can I tell which plugins are needed in my application?
  4. How can I see which plugins are actually loaded in the Xojo IDE?

I am sure that there will be other questions that will come from these but, at present, those are the pressing ones.

Thanks in advance.


  1. Depends. See blog post: Windows DLL Limits and Xojo 64-bit IDE
  2. copy the plugins on the
  3. When app is built with all plugins, look in Frameworks/libs folder to check what plugins are used.
  4. Check the plugins tab in about dialog.

@Christian Schmitz Thank you for the quick answers. The plugins tab on the About box is a great help, that confirmed what I had found.

Number 3 only works on my Mac - as I cannot build the app on my Windows machine that is not a lot of help!

I don’t understand your answer to number 2.

My issue is, therefore, now quite simple. I am used to my Mac loading all the plugins and I have never had to worry about which ones are actually used within my app. If I am building with Windows then I have to close Xojo, transfer the plugins I need to the Xojo plugins folder and restart Xojo? And I have to do this every time I open another project?

If that’s the case I think it is crazy!

How do I know before I start what plugins I need and, more importantly, what if I build a big project that uses all the plugins? It can’t be done in Windows?

What am I missing?

Window can only load about 100 Plugin DLLs on Windows.
Except that MBS Plugin with it’s 500 DLLs doesn’t count towards that limit.

So you can usually have MBS, Einhugur and Xojo’s database plugins in the folder without problem.


I have 36 plugins in the folder. The Xojo plugins and all the Einhuger plugins, no MBS at this time. In my Xojo About box there are 29 plugins show, meaning 7 are missing.

This doesn’t make sense to me. Especially in the light of your last sentence which would indicate a signifiant number more should be possible.

[quote=365592:@Christian Schmitz]Window can only load about 100 Plugin DLLs on Windows.
Except that MBS Plugin with it’s 500 DLLs doesn’t count towards that limit.

So you can usually have MBS, Einhugur and Xojo’s database plugins in the folder without problem.[/quote]
Just out of curiosity, why doesn’t MBS plugin count towards that limit?

Patched C runtime which doesn’t use FLS, but TLS.

Please use DbgView.exe app on Windows to show messages from Xojo.

Where would I get that?

I have a copy here:

look here Sysinternals suite has several useful little tools.

Also, make sure you have the latest Einhugur plugins. With the IDE being 64-bit, the plugins need a 64-bit component to load.

@Greg O’Lone I appreciate your input and I can confirm that I am using all the latest plugins from Einhuger. My question, though, is based on why they are just not loading. They load fine in my Mac environment (same plugins) and compile a 64 bit Windows app that runs on my Windows machine. They just don’t load in my Windows IDE.

36 plugins is a lot, but why don’t yu install them by 5; run if they works, add the next 5 (quit, re-run), and so on 'till something happens ?

I fully understand that I can do this and I will if I have to.

However, that is not my point.

I don’t understand why it all works in my Mac environment but not in Windows. From what I understand from Christian’s post they should all load happily but they just don’t. The last 6 in the list fail to load in to the IDE. It will be a real pain to work out what plugins I need every time I start a new project.

My issue is that I have a huge number of reusable classes and modules that stretch over all my plugins that wrap a load of different functions. To work out what and where will be a major job.

If I had 100 plugins in the plugins folder I could understand, but just the Xojo plugins and the Einhuger - it’s not that many.

Thus checing them. IMHO.

Because there could be one that doesn’t have a 64-bit Windows component yet.

Having reviewed your comments above, you didn’t specifically say that you were able to compile this app on the our Mac. I incorrectly assumed that the reason for trying Windows was because you were having trouble there too. Sorry about that.

36 plugins can be a lot since some plugins are many plugins internally.

I would advice stripping out things that do not make sense first. Which could be things like e-CryptIt Engine Legacy Encoding (if you have that one in). That one was for the old Mac formats, MacBinary, BinHex, AppleSingle, etc. Never makes sense on Windows, and nowdays probably hardly ever makes sense on Mac either.

PictureEffects (the non Raw version if you have that, then take that out, that one is getting replaced by PictureEffectsRaw, and the non Raw version no longer works on Windows anyhow - if having this one then taking it out will probably take out around 17 plugins if counting the internals) .

There are probably other such cases of things that do not make sense to have installed on Windows Xojo that could also be checked.

CoreClasses -> Make sure its 6.6.2 and not 6.6 (6.6 is not compatible with 2017r3)
TreeView-> Make sure its 7.6b1 and not 7.5 (7.5 is not compatible with 2017r3)

@Björn Eiríksson Thank you for your info, most appreciated. I am trying your suggestions now. I hope this will solve the issue.

Did you see loading messages in DebugView app?