How long should "Installing 32-bit runtime" take?

It’s currently been going for over an hour.
Last time I killed the installer and tried to install the new windows runtime myself I got into a mess of “it is installed” “no it’s not” “yes it is”

Before I kill this, Xojo Engineers, what kind of data (and where do I find it) do you want to figure out what went wrong?
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Tim, I had an old Windows 7 x64 VM that hadn’t been updated in 6 months, and yesterday I told it to run Windows Update. It literally sat there at 100% cpu for over 6 hours (apparently doing nothing). I went to bed, and woke up to find that it had finally updated about 1000 windows updates. Unfortunately I’ve also see windows updaters just hang forever, and I don’t know how to tell the difference.

Just include the redist files in ur app directory. It is the cleanest way forward.

I’m talking about trying to install a fresh copy of Xojo onto a new computer.

I just tested install Xojo on a Win7 x86 that did not have Xojo installed before. This particular bootcamp Mac Mini 2009 I use to re-install Windows any version for testing whatever I need to test.

The entire installation of Xojo 2016r1.1 took about 1min 52sec. The last part of the installation where the “Installing 32-bit runtime” was showing took about 24 sec.

Note: I am not sure whether this is the VC_redist runtime or a Xojo runtime.

Yes, that message is displayed during the installation of the 32-bit VC_redist. I’ve never seen it take as long as Tim is describing on any machine I’ve installed. One thing to try is copying the VC_redists over to the machine and just running them manually (after making sure it isn’t still/already running)- that would let the MS installer show any extra dialogs or error messages that may be happening with that particular machine/configuration.

This is the second time I’ve run into the issue, and this time it was on an actual PC not just bootcamp.
Two for two failures, no bueno.

It’s still stuck 24 hours later.

I’d terminate/restart it and try the above suggestion to see if that helps you determine what’s going on with that configuration and the MS redist installer. This certainly isn’t a common occurrence- sorry that you’ve run into it twice…

Normally, the VC Redist is already part of Windows 10 as default.

Under which version of Windows are you trying to install ?

For myself, and even if it does take room, I intend to make the DLLs part of my installers from now on. Better safe than sorry. I do not enjoy support requests when I can avoid them.

Just an update on this:
Ran for 36 hours. Stopped on installing runtime, no disk usage at that point, so I’m not sure what it was waiting for.
No errors when running the MS installers for the runtimes.
Windows is driving me batshit crazy today.

It’s a short drive sometimes. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t see this earlier. This happened to me this week, took me almost 2 days to get it working so I wrote this so I’d never forget how to fix it.


Same problem everywhere. Think Windows 7 is now being phased out fast, since Microsoft frustrates this process.