How I wish 'Run Remotely' was a toolbar button

How I wish ‘Run Remotely’ was a toolbar button…
Lost count of the number of times I have kicked off a debugging run on local machine by accident.

Wait people actually use the toolbar?

I’m mainly keyboard focused, cmd-alt-R to run remotely on the last machine it was remote debugged on.


I sometimes place wagers with myself on what will happen when I hit cmd-opt-R. Will it run? (≈70%) Will it do nothing? (≈20%) Will it fail to connect to the remote debugger? (≈10%)

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Those odds go down significantly as you approach 5 remote runs. Don’t know why.

I wished the run menu was the same as iOS:

Run locally (default selected)
Run on myremotr1
Run on myremotepc

On xojo iOS the device or simulator is selected and remains so unless changed.
Xojo should keep the selection just as in xojo iOS
Cause i like consistency!

I prefer to be in charge. If I need to run locally, Cmd-R. If I need to run remotely, Cmd-Alt-R.
Yes, I do get it confused when I rush; but it’s never been something I felt was broken and needed to change. Having the shortcut change meaning all the time would be less consistent in my opinion.


I can only remember the shortcuts that are common to all apps (six or seven, I think):

cmd-A, cmd-C, cmd-O, cmd-P, cmd-Q, cmd-S, cmd-V, cmd-X (OK that’s eight).

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You might want to vote up case 19201.

I do dozens or scores in a session sometimes. The “does nothing” scenario seems pretty random, but “can’t connect to remote debugger” happens only after a compile error has occurred and been fixed. Not after every compile error of course, but only after a compile error. Xojo 2021r2.1.

I’ve been there too. After a few times running locally by mistake, I usually add this to my code (anywhere, like in

#if not TargetRemoteDebugger then
  #Pragma Error "Don't run locally."

So it won’t run locally.

While I also am focused on the keyboard, there are times I just forget I must remote debug and just hit ⌘R by mistake.

I’ve had to wait for the build time before that, but it’s not a bad idea.

And how I wish that the Toolbar of the Xojo IDE could be configured by user preference(s)… :wink:


Or turned off completely, as it’s a waste of precious screen area.