How I hate Timer(s) in the UI

I fo not know for you, but I really hate Timer(s) in the UI. Two examples:

iCal: you want to change the year # to 1935 because you want to know what day your Mom, Great-Mom (?) birthday it was. If you do not type the year number fast enough, the year will go to 1000 …

MICE on WIndows: at save panorama , most of the time the save folder do not opens on the last save folder… (think InitialDirectory…)

And the list may be far longer than that !

MICE is a Microsoft application (Microsoft Image Composite Editor).

Your feeling ?
Your experience ?

Timers are not evil in themselves. But when set poorly, they are indeed nasty.

Hate is counter-productive. Be creative!!!

I don’t think either of those situations use Timers.

Don’t know if this one is either, but I used to HATE the Find window at the bottom of Xojo. If you didn’t type fast enough, it would do a search on what you already typed. Sometimes I would type a letter, then think about how to spell something, and off the search would go for 5 to 10 seconds, while it searched for “a”. Of course, now there is an option to wiat for the Return Key, but was that ever painful!

How in those cases ?

Just curious… do you know how they do that ?

Type the number somewhere else and paste into that field?

Wherever you’re typing in Calendar is live-updating, each key gets sent. It’s left over from the good Apple days.
By the way, you can use Go To Date to pick any day and go to it without having to worry about typing speed.
View > Go To Date… A sheet comes down and you can type in your Mom’s birth date and find out when it was :slight_smile: