How good is your AV

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I used to use Avast, but when they started going down to road to scumware (i.e. using update notifications to spam Facebook contests) I uninstalled Avast and didn’t replace it. It’s been about 2 years and don’t regret it. Windows Defender+Windows Firewall+NAT keep out the Internet background radiation, Sandboxie+NoScript effectively lock-down my browser, and VT Hash Check (my own creation using RB!) gives me multiple scanner analyses on demand. An always-on, real-time, on-access malware scanner is no match for a modicum of caution and common sense.

Avast has indeed turned bizarre.

I replaced Avast with AVG, much better experience.

I use Kaspersky for Mac and for Windows.
Since I’ve been working for a Norwegian AV company, I know why the Russians a the best when it comes to virus protection.

AV programs come with a sometimes heavy toll on computer performances. Which is ridiculous when a machine that was reasonably fast comes to its knees when opening programs. I also hate the stupid Avast deep shit that decides to hold execution of programs on whimsical reasons, and especially messes up with running Xojo projects. Plus disables the disables the Windows firewall. That kind of decision should be mine, not left to a stupid automaton.

Anti viruses are really necessary if one often deals with programs and documents of dubious origin (read : cracked software and the kind of programs kids exchange at school). If one keeps the machine clean and never executes garbage, the risk to catch a virus is close to nil.

Internet attacks are usually fended off reasonably well with firewalls and correct nat settings. Finally, Defender has grown to a rather efficient anti-malware in Windows 10.

The biggest virus vector I know about on the Web is named Flash, and am very happy both Apple and Google have decided to get its skin. I have been using click to play for years. It is also a disgracious add nuisance, with stupid commercials gobbling bandwidth to tout snake oil. To hell with it.

I recently saved a friend of mine from adware perdition by simply having her turn off JavaScript execution. It is a problem, though, since Xojo Web depends on it.

Finally, I replaced the Windows Hosts file by the one from mvps and now, stupid advertisement does not even get to my browser. They can’t even beach against Add Blocker, since their pesky code does not even have a chance to execute. The same file protects against a number of notorious malware sites.

All in all, like Andrew, for a personal machine using profilaxis, I rather not bloat my PC with an AV. I chose performances against overprotective, infantilizing software.

It does not means they are inherently bad. I can understand how a public machine or a corporate one may need it.

On Macintosh, I am not even sure an antivirus is necessary. But for some reason, I installed Intego. As far as I can tell, it does not hinder performances, so it can stay as long as it behaves.