How easy to download (Xojo vs Swift)

Fooling around, I had this (crazy as usual) idea: how easy is it to download Xojo vs Swift (as an example / I do not tested other IDEs…) ?

I asked google to find Xojo using: Xojo Download Windows
and this for swift: Swift Download Windows

In the first case (Xojo) I get the correct answer directly, first answer.

In the other case, I’d better take a nap instead of asking that question: old (often deprecated) downloads provided, reign of confusion and all bad stuff. After five minutes, I closed all related links (like K-Linux, everyone have his/her own Swift for Windows).

What about Linux ?
Same string to search for (Swift Download Linux): the first link is a link to the Apple web site where Swift is available for Ubuntu.

Who want to stay with Xojo ? Doh ! I see many hands from here :wink:

Swift language is used in the XCode IDE from Apple.

Not sure what you try to explain.
Although it exists for Windows it’s mainly developed for Xcode.

And ffw Swift is way ahead of Xojo.

wiki wrote it exists for linux somehow, for windows i heard first time.

i would search for a ide product or company web site first and not by programming language download direct.
otherwise search of c# download windows show visual studio first.

it seems “Swift for Windows” exists but it is more made with notepad …
similar “Swift for Visual Studio Code” Editor.

btw Swift is a great language for developers.

Thanks for the answers.
The main ide is to say it is easier to get /download Xojo from a google search than Swift for Windows (for example).

If Joe Newbie, Windows user, search for both Swift and Xojo, (s)he will ends up with Xojo*. :wink:

Of course, searching for Netbeans, etc. is certainly far easier, but I searched about Swift (I had Swift in mind when I searched).

Swift and Apple ? You have to have 10.14.4 to be able to run the current XCode (and thus Swift). (That is the version you can download from App Store).

  • And I do not say how easy is Xojo for Joe Newbie to start with.

Newbie will not know the name xojo :wink:
Do you know B4X?

Swift compiler exists everywhere, but as a “console” type of language. As an IDE with UI, it exists basically for MacOS. Apple do not care about other ecosystems beyond their own. Google provides Swift (and Dart, Rust, Go, Java and Kotlin) in the core of their experimental Fuchsia OS, probably they will provide some sort of UI integration “in the future” ( Or not. Very Google. :smiley: ). As Windows and Android are my main concerns today, Swift is a “nah…”.

[quote=458371:@Christoph De Vocht]
And ffw Swift is way ahead of Xojo.[/quote]
On macOS yes. Ever tried to display a window with a button to click using Swift on Windows? Good luck.

Swift is a language, not a UI framework so…

There are open source versions of Swift for WIndows and Linux… But those versions are far from being a productive tool, as there is little if any in the way of GUI support such as UIKit and SwiftUI that are available for Apple/Xcode.

There’s no need for pedantry. I’m fully aware that Swift is a language. My point still stands. Try to make any form of GUI application using Swift as the language on a platform that is not iOS, iPadOS or macOS and you’ll want to poke your eyes out. There is no decent UI framework for Linux (the GTK bindings are rubbish) or Windows using Swift. Compare this with Xojo where it excels.

As for the fundamental differences between the languages, I don’t think it’s fair to say the actual language of swift is “way ahead” of Xojo - that is in the eye of the beholder. Xojo’s language is fine (save for a lack of generics). I’d happily take a toolkit that combines both a language and a GUI framework over a “modern and great” language with no UI frameworks.

I wasn’t being a pedant, it’s a fundamental difference that a lot of “citizen developers” who only use Xojo fail to understand. I accept that you’re obviously not one of them. But the point remains, Xojo shields us from a lot of this stuff which is why it’s a wonderful product for sole developers and small teams. The word “Xojo” covers the IDE, the language and the frameworks. When you leave the Xojo box, there’s a world of complexity (and power).

While Apple open-sourced the language, it did not open source the UI frameworks. There have been attempts at UI frameworks for Swift on Windows and Linux but I don’t think you’ll ever get a good solution on any non-Apple platform. Swift is a great language, but it’s lunacy to try and use it on another platform.

Better comparisons to Xojo would be Visual Studio and B4X and I’d argue on Xojo’s side any day.

Yes, we know it (read above)…