how dynamically add WebControl to WebContainer ??

hi, in realstudio, to dynamically add webControl to a webContainer i did

insert an object into webContainer … like webTextEditXX then write the code :
then write

but in xojo how can i do this ??

Make a WebContainer and put a copy of the control into it in the IDE. At Runtime, you can create a new copy of the container using Something like this:

dim cc as new MyContainer cc.EmbedWithin(otherContainer,x,y,width,height)

yes but this add a webContainer not webControl
in realstudio was possible add a webControl

i must create a webContainer that dynamically creato in itself a lot of webTextEdit

This adds a WebContainer that contains a control added at design time.

The code example you gave has not changed, but I try to discourage it’s use because there are a number of critical bugs.

but add a lot, like 100, webContainer to another WebContainer is not too much slowely?

Yeah, 100 will be very slow. What are you trying to do? Perhaps there’s another solution.

i try to create a personalizzed webListbox because
i haven’t find a webListbox or webGrid (of other producers) with an event that is rised when mouse move on a specific cell (like webTextEdit_mouseEnter event)
i must update the value of the cell when the mouse pointer go on this
by retriving data from a database …

can you help me ?