(How) does incremental compiling work ?

Compiling (64-bit) for debugging on a Windows machine can take long when projects get bigger. I heard about incremental compiling in relation to LLVM, but I wonder why the second time I run doesn’t go quicker , even if I did not change anything at all between two debugrun sessions.

Pretty sure I read there is no incremental compiling of 64bit apps yet

Pretty sure we had it, maybe in a beta but I guess it was 2018r3, I also remember there where issues reported with it.

See <https://xojo.com/issue/51391> – implemented with Xojo 2018r3.
There may be some situations where the speed increase is not that visible, but for most of my projects on macOS compiling time is now mostly linking/optimizing time after the first run which is pretty nice.

On my Windows machine (32-bit), playtesting after the first run is just a few seconds now, a big change over 2016 R4 I was using. Saves a lot of time over the course of development, for sure.