How do you troubleshoot hang in IDE when doing iOS app build?

Is there a way to find out why the IDE is hanging (SPOD) when trying to build an iOS app?

The app has been running in Simulator without any problems and I have been adding views and testing. I decided to try a build but after about 25 to 30 minutes the IDE finally just hangs and is shown in Activity Monitor as not responding. I have tried removing controls from the last view shown in the build progress and it seems to have gotten a little further but still hangs after about 30 minutes.

This could be very time consuming to track down so I’m hoping there is something I don’t know about yet that can help.

You just have to let it sit and compile. Some larger projects can take upwards of an hour to compile with the IDE appearing to hang for most of it. From my projects I have noticed that the more controls and auto layout constraints on a view, the longer it takes to compile (often exponentially).

2015r2 will improve this significantly.

Okay, thanks for the replies. I’ll try again and look forward to 2015r2.