How do you solve previous versions? Previous settings?
In a previous thread, I asked about how to save the database.


Do you look for “MyApp_version_2” and then, if it exist, copy the data and create “MyApp_version_3”?
Maybe little silly question, but at least, I think it is nice if the user need not to enter certain settings one more time.
For me, such features are very unpleasant!

The reason I ask is, because there is plenty of work to make the experiment. To find the good solution.
Also, when developing, when the DB is created, will it also be deleted in the IDE mode?
I mean, when you compile your app during development?

Many users create a folder for their app and then create individual folders within it for each new version.

Make sense. Thank you!

Usually, if the “MyApp_version_3” ApplicationData doesn’t exist yet,
you may want to read “MyApp_version_2” and save (not move) it to “MyApp_version_3”,
including all the changes you made for “_3”.

Yes… It was also my idea.
I make an analytic tool and there may be new tables and/or rows in the database.
Not all data will be loaded into the new database file.

BTW, it’s the database file we’re talking about!? Right?

For the sake of your users I’d try to clean up version 2 files and keep version 3 files in the same folder. That however could be tricky if your app uses a complex system within it’s folder.

Yes. :slight_smile: