How do you handle setting permissions

After I upload the files, I then have to go in with my ftp program (Transmit) and change permissions to 755.

It’s driving me nuts, isn’t there some way to make this easier?

The guy at my hosting company said there was no way to make the defaults for the permissions to 755 for a single directory.

I just learning about our new VM so don’t know linux enough to poke around in ssh. There’s got to be a better way.



If you build on a Mac, permissions are already set, so all you have to do is to upload.

I use Cyberduck and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

I do build on a Mac and after the upload they are 644 (I think, no execute)

Look in the Rules tab in Preferences (in Transmit). You can set the default permissions in there.

It maybe a problem with your FTP program that change permissions. Or the host. Permissions are set correctly on the Mac.

I use Yummy FTP on a Mac, and I have not enabled the permissions settings. When I upload a new app I have to set the appropriate permissions on the server. But from then on, when I upload a new version and overwrite the server files, it keeps the same permissions, so I never have to bother with them again. This works flawlessly on several different servers.

I use CyberDuck and the only file I have a permissions problem with is config.cfg. Since this file never changes, I never bother to copy it up again.

I used Cyberduck too for a long time until I discovered Forklift.
It is so much better and above all … it manage to be a LOT faster transferring files (both up and down) with the same internet connection. Off course handles permissions without issues.

Not free though.