How do you guys avoid av go off

Hope all of you are ok and save at home.
I need a bit of help with anti-virus scanners go of on my build software.
I can only build for windows , when friends use my software , anti virus scanners go of.
How do you guys deal with this?
Is there something i overlook?
I scan my software with Avast and with anti-malwarebytes so it should be save.

When they flag your installer, get details from the user and submit a false positive report to the av vendor. Signing your app and its installer will help too.

thank you for your fast reaction.
Avast does that, when it detect the software on installing it will send it to their lab.
Then it comes back and it’s al fine.
But it is only for that one computer not for others.
But i like to know how i can do it for them before i give them my software.
So , people can have my software, install, without av goos off and enjoy.

Do you codesign your software?

Code signing may help.
Having an installer may help.

Having a few beta testers download and run the app may train those scanners, so they can inspect it a fw days before release.

hi, thank you for your replay.
I don’t know what codesign means,sorry.
i’m not a pro like all of you guys.

Check your package with VirusTotal
for fp.

hi christian,
Thank you for your replay.
I’m not a pro like all of you.
With installer you mean an installer with inno setup, something like that?

hi, thank for your replay.
I’m testing it out at this moment.

hi Andreas,
My test was clean.
I’ve opend the exaxt same build on my computer and avast react right a way.
So if i run my software on Virustotal does that menas that scanner will react but don’t get all grazy anymore, with sending the build to their lab?
Or is it just to check if my buils is clean?

Just check

Ok so av scanner still can go nuts on my builds?

Sure. Sign it, build a installer, check with Virustotal and if there is a fp, report it to the vendor of the engine.

As unsigned app is suspicious.
And zip with exe and dlls downloaded from web is suspicious.
An unsigned installer is suspicious.
And if not a thousand other people downloaded it, Windows will warn about it.

Get a code signing key!

So , basically, if i like to share my software i have to clear it with each AV vendor?
With sign you mean in xojo, right?
And a installer with inno setup?
I’m sorry but i’m not a pro like all of you.
Thank you for you time Andreas.

Christian told you the way to go ;).

Learn about Code signing, get a certificate.

I use
for example.

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Thank you Christian.
You always seem to have the solution.
Thank you very much for your time.

Hi Andreas, thank you for what you have told me.
i think i will go the way christian points me to.
Thank you for your time and advice.
I will have a look at kssoftware , thanks for the link.


to better understand all this mess, depose your application on a web sharing service ( for example), then, with the same machine, download the file back (and clear it from the web server).

Then run it and watch what happened; how many alert windows you will get.

Thank you Emile.
I’ve tried a few things so far.
I’ve created a free website upload my app there and download it into my computer.
Then click the setup and install, like any other app.I build with inno setup.
My anti virus (Avast ) starts scanning and sends the setup to a lab.
After a minute or so it returns a message that the software is save.
If other people download this app their av scanners will do that to.
That is the first thing i like to aviod, it scares people.
Once somebody av knows my app it will not react on it anymore.
Unless, i update the app.
Andreas told me to use VirusTotal, my app comes back as clean.

Second, i want windows to stop asking if people trust the publisher of that app.
Christian and Andreas gave me a good tip that will help me with that.

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