How do you create a feedback report against the documentation?

I seem to remember being able to create a feedback report and indicate Documentation somehow so that it would come to the attention of @Paul_Lefebvre. Is that still an option? I can’t figure out how to do that in the current feedback app.

you can give feedback in the footer of the (online) documentation

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Just open a Feedback Case as you normally would, include the link to the Docs page and an in-depth description of the problem. Select Bug for the type. They’ll reclassify it upon review.

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does this mean we always should use a FC?, I am always using the link below the page, but honestly never looked up if a change was done or not …

I open cases because I like to be able to check status or receive notifications.

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Years ago, I polled recent items (something lke that) to know what changed…

This is no more available.

Also, writing the url is case sensitive, so I stopped using it too.

And google docs have its default too.

At last, newbies do not read the docs; why must I do that ?
(yes, this one is full wrong, but 1 on 4…)

Probably my laziness ;-). Writing an email versus time firing up Feedback Case …

I think so. Did you put the product as “Xojo” rather than “Website”?

Feedback is certainly preferred as it makes it easier for us to route things to the appropriate person, but for minor corrections, the email link is fine.

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I entitle all Docs change / update requests re: broken docs examples as: Bug: Documentation - [object / concept name] [problem]

See my case 63367 that was mostly fixed within two hours of me posting the case.

I am shook - that is the fastest work on a case I have ever seen so far.

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They fixed it - yaay!
I am proud to say that this is my first FIXED case :raised_hands: