How do I use a google font in a ListBox?

I add, some months ago, an “Export to html” feature to a ListBox based window.

I set the html font to one of the Google Fonts.

Unfortunately, the columns widths I use in the ListBox is different compared to the rendered html page (Firefox and other brosers).

This is because the ListBox does not use the same Font I use in the rendered html.

And the question is:
How do I set a google font as the ListBox default font ?

BTW: I actually use Bellefair, 13 pt, standard. But any font, font size, style can be set in the export to html process.

To avoid questions, this is a Desktop project (not a web project); the HTLMLViewer display my set google font (size and style) correctly (excepted if internet is not available, of course).

at windows desktop
download it (there is a Bellefair-Regular.ttf)

install it
use it

Thank you.

As simple as that. Could be more difficult if the application have to be shared (this is not the case).

I am not sure, but I used that project with the google font installed locally, but no Internet available on that Intel macBook Pro:
I had multiple crash (freeze) until I removed the Font and I do not had any more freeze.
High Sierra / Xojo 2015r1.

That said, I love that Font. And the export to pdf have the same Cell width found in the Xojo application (yes, same Font Name / Size).