How do I turn off the build folder?

I don’t need to keep building in the build folder, just want the app saved where the project is.

I’m on 2016r1.1

I look in preferences and see “when not using build folders…” but see no where to choose whether or not I am using them.

So, I think, probably it is on an individual project basis, so I go into my project and look under Build Settings and I only appear to have the option of ticking OSX, Windows, etc.

I’m sure it’s obvious when you know where it is, but when you don’t, it isn’t.


It is in the preferences.

I’d be really appreciative to be told specifically WHERE.

All I see is this:

Where is the checkbox telling me “Check here to turn off the build folder”?

Thanks again

Ok, I finally found it. But it is NOT in the preferences. It’s in the inspector when you select Build Settings -> Shared in the IDE.

Oops. Sorry.

And this is on a project base (as one may expect): you have to turn OFF in each new project :frowning:

It would be nice to define the default in the Preferences panes!

But as it is, there is no hint in the preference pane WHERE this checkbox is located.

The User guide is also quite vague on the subject. For example, I would add a line under the Builds section (on ) like this maybe:

[quote]To build the app, click the Build button in the toolbar (or choose Project ? Build Application from the menu). Xojo creates a standalone application for each selected platform.

By default, Xojo will create a Builds Folder for your project each time you build your application. (If you wish to turn this off, you may do so by selecting “Shared” under the Build Settings in the IDE Navigator. You will find the “OFF/ON” switch for using the Build Folder in the Inspector pane.)

In the folder containing your project, you will see a folder called “Builds - TutorialDesktop.xojo_binary_project” (or inside the project’s folder if you turn the builds folder off) and inside this folder will be folders for the builds for each platform. Navigate to the build folder for your current platform and double-click the app file to run it.

Still, there should clearly be some sort of help tip in the Preferences Pane so you could figure it out from there.

Note: I do understand why the Builds Folder is there and that it makes sense as a developer to do so. But sometimes it’s nice to keep it simpler than that.

This comes because of an application file name clash (two or three OS Target with the same name)…

Now, you can change the default in the default project folder (Project Templates ???). This is from memory: I never do that.

Maybe someone who do that can give the correct hint ?

PS: I always turn that off.

You save a project you want to use as the default project in Xojo/Project Templates/Default Desktop Project.xojo_binary_project
Every time you create a new project Xojo will use a copy of that file.

Thank you Tim.

I do not wrote that because I have these in Xojo/Project Templates/:

CGIApplication.xojo_binary_project Empty Service.xojo_binary_project Event Driven Console.xojo_binary_project

and I do not want to give wrong information.

Full information is in the 2013r2 Release Notes.

Its easy to find the information when you have the right text to use in the search quest ;:). (my hard disk)

Google: +“Default Desktop Project.xojo_binary_project”
find nothing.

Changes 2013r2.