How do I stop a Do Until …/… Loop ?

There’s only one place to be when it reaches that high, the ocean or a river.[quote=398102:@Sascha S]I am sure Sam is referring to everything which is not 100% under your control (like Network Communication, Filesystems, … ) and could block execution from continue or dramatically slow down th UI. I needed 5+ years to not only learn this lesson but to live by it (most times). :D[/quote]
Even stuff which is 100% my code, if it’s going to take longer than a second, then the user should know what’s going on, if it’s going to take more than a handful of seconds, then the user should be able to stop it.

I was actually really disapointed this week when trying to use a software product from a certain company, it did some tasks that take a long time. The first task it did, was supposedly in the background, there was no progress, no cancel button, but it was so intensive that I couldn’t do anything else worthwhile with the computer. I don’t actually know how long it took, because I gave up and went for a dog walk, when I got back the computer was all calm again. What compounded the frustration, was that it didn’t do what I expected it to do, in fact I don’t even know if it actually did anything, there’s no errors, but there was no progress either.

The second task, was also supposed to be in the background, but again it bought my computer to it’s knees while it was doing it. At least this time I had a progress bar, although it started off saying 2 hours, and actually completed in 20 minutes.

Try 115+ °F. The lake is as bad or worse. Welcome to southwest USA; 37 °C is for wimps :slight_smile:

Fake News (or alternate truth) :wink:

Fahrenheit 451

@Emil Schwarz: Southwest USA is that hot. Really. Of course, every building had climate control so low that I had to wear a shawl indoors. The gym felt like 16 degrees Celsius. That was Phoenix a couple of years ago in October.

There was rain (a storm must I write) this afternoon in Strasbourg.

It was strange 'cause it was the sound of the rain that tells me to watch thru the window ! From the 4th floor, I had troubles seeing the earth !

Have a nice Sunday all…

37c is only 99f… while that is hot, it is nothing compared to temps around here lately (I live in San DIego which isn’t too bad)
forecast to be around 90F (32c) later this week. but in Palm Springs (a bit over 100 miles away) it will be 109F (43c)
and in Death Valley (200 miles away or so) is is currently 123f (51c) and its is only 10:30 in the morning!

Palm Springs peaked at a record high temperature of 122 degrees on Saturday, topping the previous record set on the same day in 1957[/quote]

So no, its NOT “Fake News”…