How do I specify tab order between input fields?

I’m going through the Introduction to programming tutorial for xojo and while doing th hands on with variables section, after building the first screen I notice that When I tab between fields it always skips the second input field(last name) and goes directly to the third(birth year. the next tab will take it to the second input field on the form. I’m trying to find out how to specify tab order between input fields so I can make the tab key work in the order I want. I notice doing a search on this forum the mention of something called the TabOrder property but cant seem to find it anywhere in the inspector panel for input field. Thanks, in advance for any insight you can provide.
Del Thompson

These buttons will help you with the tab order. The left brings up a window with a sequential list. You can drag rearrange the rows on this list to set the tab order. The right offers an automatic tab order tool. You should play with both to get a feel for when’s the best time to use each.

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There is tab index here, follow step 1 2 3, and there’s a different method at the red arrow to drag the order up/down

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Thank you. This works great!