How Do I paste a module or window into a XOJO program?

I’ve tried INSERT several times in different combinations but I can’t paste a window or a module from 1 XOJO program to another XOJO program…

I can do it in real basic but can’t do it in XOJO.

Any help will be welcomed.

You can Right-Click Copy and Paste between projects (pasting needs to be done in the proper place sometimes) or you can drag from the navigator of one project window to the other.

(semantics: Xojo is not an acronym)

You can click on a module to select it in the project navigator. First it is grey, click it again so the module is blue. Just Copy (CTRL + C, or CMND + C on mac) to copy. Go to the other project, past it with CTRL V (or CMND V on a Mac).

Another way of reusing code is making a module (or control) external. Right-click the module with re-usable code. Select “Make External” in the contextual menu that pops up. Save the module somewhere where you can easily find it back.
When you want to import this external module, as an external object, simple drag it from the windows explorer, or Mac finder, into your project navigator. Hold CTRL + ALT (or CMND + ALT) while drag-and-dropping it into your project to keep the module external.
Now, every time you change this module, it will affect all your other projects with that same external module.

I use that last one a lot for modules with convenience methods. I even have a class that deals with config settings. In all my projects it is the same code. Sometime I change minor things, add functionality, etc. It will appear in all my other projects.

But if you have two project open at the same time, the two can overwrite changes. Best practice is to edit external modules in one project at the time

Thanks for the help I now can paste a window or a module into an XOJO project.

The “proper place” were the key words for me because I was trying to click on an item (object?) in the navigation panel. I didn’t realize I had to go below the “This computer” and click there and then do the “cntrl V” to paste the item into my project.

I was trying to click higher in the panel.

Thanks again for the quick help.