How do I Install compiled app to Linux

I have an app created in RB2012R2 in a Windows environment

I want to complie it and run it on a linux machine.

I am running Linux Mint 16 on that machine.

Once I’ve built the app for Linux, how do it install it and run it on the Linux machine?

copy the files to the linux machine and double click?

Keep in mind that Linux Mint is not a supported Linux distribution.

But in general, simply transfer the files in the Linux build folder (including the Libs folder) to the Linux machine. Once there also ensure the executable bit is set for the main app and the items in the lib folder.

Thanks Paul.

My question was "how do I … ", not “What do I …”

Which Linux is supported? and moreover, why isn’t Mint supported. I don’t get it… we buy this stuff because it says it’s multi-platform… Windows, Mac, and Linux and then after the fact we’re told it’s not supported…

How to you set the executable bit?

sorry… had to vent a bit <-- a pun? LOL

Mint is just not one we test with
There are hundreds of distros and we just can’t support them all
Mint is one I know has been mentioned before by users - just not one on our officially supported list

Right. With the Linux version, “We don’t support” is not the same as “It won’t work on”. It may or may not.

You can set the executable bit with chmod.

chmod +x myexecutablefile

Or there’s probably a gui way to do it in the Explorer equivalent, whatever that may be on a given distro.

Mint is based on Ubuntu which is a supported distribution. Mint has a much better looking / easier user interface.

Forgot to mention that i have 3 pc’s running Mint with no problem running Xojo webapps.

Get Midnight Commander or Gnome Commander and you have a fine filebrowser which are capable to easy set all permissions.

Venting seems your only way of communicating…

That may be, but we do not test with Mint. Maybe it works great. Maybe it doesn’t. I can’t say.

Supported versions of Linux are listed on the System Requirements page.

chmod in Terminal or perhaps the File Manager can also do it. But if you are going to use Linux, it is worth learning terminal commands.

Guys, thanks for your help. Got it working.

Michel, yes, I do vent from time to time. That said, your comment is inappropriate and uncalled for.

[quote=66148:@Rick Yerex]Guys, thanks for your help. Got it working.

Michel, yes, I do vent from time to time. That said, your comment is inappropriate and uncalled for.[/quote]

Look. You create huge stinks about this and that, and this is as uncalled for as hell. Now if you cannot take criticism, keep being angry and bitter. Others have to vent sometimes about your aggressive attitude.

I thought it was appropriate and very much called for. It was also pretty polite, all things considered.

The comment about “we’re told this is multi-platform and it ends up it’s not” should be banned from the forums. It’s so willfully obtuse it’s impossible to even try to explain it.

I have a Linux version that ran on my gameboy. Should I get sarcastic about Xojo not being support on it?

It’s wonderful that Linux has hundreds and hundreds of Distros, but it makes testing against them impossible to it’s left to the user to understand what he’s chosen to use and to have the know-how to see if the instructions for one distro apply to others. Andre has Xojo running on Mint, even if Xojo doesn’t officially support it. I don’t imagine he feels Xojo is lying when they say they support specific distros of Linux, but he’s been smart enough to choose a distro that’s close to Xojo’s and thus it’s easy to translate instructions with little change.

I prefer Mint as well, having recently moved from Ubuntu. I don’t run Xojo in it, though.

It’ll work on Slackware too but you’ll have to add a few bits if you’re building web apps.