How do I get a secure SSL connection from desktop app?

I have a desktop app that need to verify users password etc.

The desktop app talks to a php script located on a remote HTTPS server which returns the account status.
I have the ssl cert and key text files.

I have tried both HTTPsecureSocket and SSLsocket.

Which class should I be using can you give an overview of how the correct one should be used as i haven’t got a clue.
All the reference docs are a bit sketchy and I cant any decent examples.

Thank you

Got it

[code] dim DLGsecure as new HTTPSecureSocket = true
DLGsecure.connectiontype = h.TLSv1
newData = DLGsecure.get(“https:/domain?..”,30)

MsgBox(newData +" "+str(DLGsecure.connectiontype))[/code]