How do I draw these shapes?

I am completely lost when trying to understand the shapes in Object2D. Can anyone point me in the right direction for drawing something like this? I tried CurveShape but none of my testing resulted in what I thought it would.

Takes the examples as a learning curve.

Object2D draw in a “strange” order, not the one you may await at first look.

I will give you a link to something that will help you in some minutes.

Link to 32 bits applications:

You can change each and every Object2D/ArcShape properties as you can see below:

What helped me (beside the testings in Xojo), was to read some articles in Wikipedia; read the Xojo documentation, then search some words @ Wikipedia); I forgot the name of the article.

i think FigureShape with lines is easier to create a polygon.
the 2d Vector Graphics usability is bad …

Care to elaborate a bit ?

Have a look at this plugin here:

a rectangle is better defined with 2 coordinates and not with width and height.
FigureShape is missing adding a dot or dot list and then a interpolation type.
there is only line a-b,b-c,c-d,d-e whereby input is twice.
if you will sketch a outline with a mouse click its more complicated.
for a Group2D if you have two shapes and you will put a line between you need add a figureshape or something else.
properties in Group2D are irrational, why there is FillColor when a shape object already have a FillColor?
TextShape did not support a Border so Text is without outline. + TextShape have default VerticalAlignment Baseline.
if u need and use this Vector objects its somehow unnecessary complicated or unpractical.
most of all shapes can be easy done with a simple polygon and interpolation, exact that is missing.
color gradient fill is also missing and frequently required.

I understand.

Feedback # ?