How do I drag a listbox row of 3 items to another listbox

DragRow(drag As DragItem, row As Integer) As Boolean

//This code works fine
drag.Text = me.CellTextAt(row,0)

Return True

//What I would like is to drop the entire row not just the //particular cellAt item onto another listbox
// -1 does not work

You will need to create a string array. Here is some old code that I have.

LbName = “”
TheRow = -1
Dim arr() As String
For i As Integer = 0 To Me.ColumnCount - 1
arr.Append(Me.Cell(row, i))
drag.Text = Join(arr, “|”)
LbName = “LbParts”
TheRow = row
Return True

and then slpit the array in the dropobject event.

Dim theStr(-1) as string
theStr = obj.Text.split(“|”)
Me.AddRow theStr
LbDropped(10, theStr(0))

LbDropped is a method to delete the row from the original list box.

Thanks. I had to jump thru a couple of hoops because of the deprecation of join and so on. It works fine and is what I wanted.