How do I delete an image (Navigator) under Windows XP ?

I moved a project onto my VirtualBox shared folder (thank you Norman for the tip) and forget to move a no more needed image…

Xojo IDE asked for it (to bore me…) and I tried to delete that entry in the Navigator until I quit Xojo (Windows), reload the project on OS X, delete the offending image, save the project, move it, load it on Windows XP and do my testings…

A real bad experience.

How do you delete an image from the IDE’s Navogator under WIndows XP ?

VirtualBox (current
Xojo (current)
OS X 10.8.5
Windows XP (very far from current)

Select the image in the Navigator, then what about the delete key ? Or File/Delete ?

Hi Michel,

Thank you for your answer. I tried these, but I do not had the patience to continue “testing”, nor quit and test again.

It may be a temporary trouble (lack of memory at that time ?).

When it is not reproductible, it must have been a gremlin :wink: