How do I create a new Project ?

I wanted to check an idea before giving it here and fired Windows, then Xojo 3.2019r1…

I got the chooser window (getting started window ? with multi colours).

As usual, I closed it and be back in the Desktop: Surprise !
(I do that on macOS all the time !)

So, I clicked here and there and after sometimes, I do not know what I’ve done, but I was fortunate enough to get the correct window to create a new project (load a Recent, a, Example, etc.).

Decncerting and repeller for Joe Newbie.

Windows 10 with all updates,
Xojo 2019r3.1

If it is this issue then yes, the Xojo IDE has an inability to always bring a newly opened to the front so in this case the Choose a Project window (and others) can end up being behind an existing window and the user is left wondering what to do next, its a long term bug. E.g. <>

Equally poxy is that if you start the IDE and thus get the chooser window (or whatever it’s really called), and then dismiss it thinking to pick it again in a minute or two, the IDE (under Windows) quits. This appears to be how Windows works, and is irritating given that the start time for the IDE is non-zero.

This may be fine for numpty users who don’t know what an application is but do know what a window is and might therefore expect this behaviour, we are all supposed to know a bit better than that. If I start the IDE, I expect to have to quit it, on whatever platform I’m using.

Quitting after the last window closes can be changed in the IDE options.

Thank you all for your answers.

I know Windows since before 2.12, but never liked it nor be fluent with it. This does not help.

That’s it Julian, the advertising (or is it training) window appears (first, only). I was so surprising that I could not believe it was not a bug:

“How can Xojo sold a software with this kind of disability ?”

That nicely looking window does have a checkbox to “no more display this window”, but no button to acknowledge (execute) it. :frowning:

After one (or is two days ?), I realized that… usually, I fire a project (double click usually) on Windows, and I was stoned to be in that situation.

Geoff: how many customer did you lost with that ?

You have only once time to give a good first impression, and Joe Newbie, on that case probably never will give Xojo a second chance.

There are other cases withing Xojo (and Feedback) where an error occured, but you have no chance to stop where you are (stop the running operation). Do not ask me, I do not recall.

I have actually a vision trouble and need to use a magnifying glass to be able to read on screen. This does not help when something unexpected happens / when I have to scrutiny the whole (3660 * 2100) screen of my 13" MacBook Pro.

There should be a new button in 2019r1 and newer on what to do next <>

I did mention it 1.5 years prior <> but as seems to be common practice some things only get implemented/fixed when someone at xojo comes up against the problem. I put a ticket in, nothing, Geoff puts one in, it gets implemented in under 2 hours, makes me feel great.

That was in Xojo 2019r3.1 (Windows).

BUT, minutes ago, I fired it under MacOS (El Capitan) and get the same problem…

The only difference is on macOS, you have a close button who let users close this window and discovers the other (good one) behind.

I already wrote that above, I usually double click in a project file on Windows. On macOS, I may open the Applications folder and fire Xojo from there and I can close the “offending“ button (missing in Windows) if/when the window hides what I want.

PS: restaurants (in France) will open on June 2nd; Yeah !!! I will be able to go out of home and stays out for some hours :wink: