How do I copy files into application at build time ?

I was working on a project some days ago and I fall into a trap. Then I forgot to ask here until now.

I need to put a folder (with images) into the application before running it… I cannot run the application in the IDE because these files are not there. I can add them after the Standalone is built, but annoyin to do that so many times an hour.

I looked at the pdfs (documentation)… I do not found something useful.

Any idea on how I can write a script that copy the folder (and its childs… images) into the application at build time ?
This have to be done for OS X and Windows (Linux too, eventually).

Use IDE copyfiles script. Menu>Insert>Build Step>Copyfiles

You can use separate CopyFiles per platform.

While running the debugbuild, they’re stored on a different path, obviously.
Post the debugbuild path of the pictures into the source code.

if DebugBuild then f=GetFolderItem("").Child("vb Intel Stuff").Child(app.pictpath).Child("Main").child("EckeVorneDunkel.gif") else f=GetFolderItem("").child("Abandoned").Child("vb Intel Stuff").Child(app.pictpath).Child("Main").child("EckeVorneDunkel.gif") end if

Alexander, Detler: Thank you !

I do not had the idea to search there !!! I will explorate that this afternoon…