How do I compare dates (sql) against dates plus 6 months

I’m still a little bit green in sql - but I\m sure there’s an easy answer

If I have a date in an database and I want to make sure that todays date is more than 6 months after the database date…
How would I do that?
A small snippet of code anybody?

Which database? Each one is a little different syntax.

I’m connecting using MySQLCommunityServer
it’s using the databases which wordpress uses - which I believe if mysql
I also am using a local database in sqlite (the one made with xojo)

For mysql, look at their page of date functions, especially date_add(), date_sub() and datediff().

For sqlite, their date functions show date() with modifiers like, “+6 months”.

Read through both pages and try them out. Using a query browser is a really good idea here, so you can see the results directly, without having to write code in xojo to try each function.