How do I clear debug errors

I am getting a bunch of junk debug errors on Mac. Wondering if there is a temp file I can delete so it can check the errors again. The junk errors I am getting is things like syntax error on ‘end sub’ which I have no control over. Getting missing end if where there is no if statement used. I reinstalled Xojo 2018 1.1 and got the errors again after running again. On windows it runs fine with no errors. Is there a temp file or something I can delete to fix the problem? Thanks.

I do not know, but sharing the code (and eventually details on where it resides) can help to understand / help.

Try to clear the cache.

Those errors are typically generated by earlier syntax errors. Fix the ones you can and the rest will take care of themselves (usually).

…and save the project.

There are about forty different errors. They don’t reside anywhere because they are junk errors. I have check when it says there is a missing end if and there is not a missing end if. Got an error saying syntax error with a line that says end sub. I can’t even view that line. Not sure how Im suppose to share the code.

Finally resolved it. After running in Windows and saving the project, I went back to Mac with the same project and ran it and the errors are gone. Not sure what happened.